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  • We are now seeing very long delays (up to 3 weeks) with couriers such as USPS Post and Canada Post processing and scanning orders. This includes long periods of time showing that only a label has been created by the shipper and long periods of time in between its update scans denoting where the parcel is. We ask for your patience as each courier service continues to deal with their backlog of parcels. Due to these delays, we cannot provide you with an accurate estimate as to how long an order will take to reach your address. If your tracking appears invalid it simply means the courier has not processed that parcel yet. Customers who have experienced similar delays or shared the same concerns about their parcel not showing movement have reported that their order did eventually arrive. Thanks for your patience and please continue reading the below for more information regarding delays and changes to each courier service delivery methods.

  • PewPewPow is seeing a very high increase in our online order volume. We are doing our best to adapt to this new average volume and greatly value your support and patience as we work our way through your orders as quickly as possible, from oldest to newest, while also being as safe as possible. We take the health and safety of our staff and customers seriously, so the extra time needed to work and pack safely and as per recommendations of health officials is our first priority. We apologize for any delay or inconvenience.

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